Friday, August 1, 2008

Google--Top 2 Search Techniques

At age 3, when Conner got gum in his hair I was clueless as to how one removes gum from hair. I hate to admit this, but he didn't suggest that we head to the local library for the answer (I know…Mom of the Year possibility now gone.). But rather, he stated, "Well mom, just Google it!" Within a few minutes, I found a solution that worked. (Peanut butter!) Many of us spend more time Googling than we ever intend to...a few minutes, turns into numerous hours as a result of ineffective searching or tangents. Below are 2 Google search techniques that I have found indispensable.

  1. It's All About the Quotations: If you are searching for something that is more than 1 word (a phrase), use quotes. Doing so will allow you to find the entire phrase, instead of isolated words. For example, if I type Indian in the Cupboard without quotes it will show results that have the word Indian and Cupboard, but not necessarily contingent. (306,000 results) So my results could include Indian designed cupboards instead of websites related to the book "Indian in the Cupboard". If in the search box I type "Indian in the Cupboard" (in quotes), you will notice that all of the search results show the entire phrase "Indian in the Cupboard". (204,000 results). Give this a try!
  2. Searching for a Specific File Type: Perhaps you want to view a PowerPoint presentation on "Starting a Small Business" or you are in need of a business plan template (in Word) so you can get your plan down on paper (boy...can I relate!). By clicking on the Advanced Search link next to the Google Search box, you will see File Type. Click on the drop down arrow and choose the type of file you are looking for. Types of files listed include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Flash, .PDF, and more. After putting in your key term, choose the file type and click on search. You will notice that the results only include the specific format you chose.
Hope these tips make you a more effective searcher and saves you the one thing we can't ever get back....TIME!


Meggin said...

I am a Google fiend...and will be tuning into your blog to keep learning. You know so much and that's why you're the Google Gal!

Fabulous tag line...and is UNimaginable to be with out Google.


The Productivity Professor(tm)

Kelly said...

Great tip on the advanced search. So many things out there exist and I had yet to "discover" this feature and think of searching for something in this manner.