Saturday, October 25, 2008

iGoogle Gets a Face Lift

On October 16-17, I did a workshop for educators entitled "Google Tools for Educators: Communication, Organization, and Productivity". I had a fabulous group of 27 educators that dove right into the Google Tools such as Calendar, iGoogle, Google Bookmarks, and Blogger.

About 1/2 hour before I was introducing how to create a personalized iGoogle page, it was drawn to my attention that there were no longer tabs for each page within iGoogle, but rather now there were expandable links in the left hand pane. Fortunately, having enough experience with technology....I simply laughed about the timing of all of this. :-)

I must say, I can be a creature of habit, so I went ahead and immediately investigaged to see if you could choose between having your iGoogle pages in tabs or in the left-hand frame. Unfortunately, there is no option to switch it back to tabs. However, after getting used to the left-hand frame links, it's really quite fine.

Don't you find it interesting that Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other applications have switched to organizing content in tabs....and now Google switched to another format. Technology is definitely ever-changing! Please feel free to comment on this if you have any thoughts! :-)