Monday, September 22, 2008

Adding iGoogle to a Mobile Phone

I recently was teaching an iGoogle class, when one of my participants asked about putting iGoogle on her mobile phone. So of course, once she had her iGoogle page set up we went ahead and tested out this feature. The process was smooth and painless....which isn't always the case when it comes to technology!

  1. After signing into your iGoogle Page, click on My Account in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Under the "My Products List", click on the Settings link next to iGoogle.
  3. Under the Mobile section, select "Add Gadgets".
  4. You will then see a list of all of the gadgets that make up your iGoogle page. Checkmark those that you want to include on your mobile phone.
  5. Click on "View on Phone".
  6. Click on "Send Link to Your Phone". Enter your phone number.
After you read your text message, you will be asked to click on the link provided in the text message to begin Google Services.

Friday, September 5, 2008

iGoogle: Part 3 Adding Tabs to Organize Gadgets

In the previous posting, I explained how to add gadgets to your iGoogle page. If you've already created your iGoogle page and added gadgets, I'm certain you are amazed at the number of gadgets out there! You've probably turned into a Gadget-oholic since the last time I posted!

A few summers ago, I taught a Google class to educators. Prior to breaking for lunch, they had learned about gadgets and they had added a ton of gadgets to their iGoogle homepage. Many were scrollllllllllling for quite awhile to view all of the gadgets they had added. We were having WAY too much fun! However, in the world of web design, too much scrolling is not efficient navigation. So....I contimplated this problem during the lunch hour. Only to realize that there are tabs. BINGO!

As you look at your iGoogle Page, notice that to the right of your iGoogle home page you have a link that says "Add a Tab". Click on this. A box appears and you simply need to give this tab a name. So for example, maybe you want a Cooking/Recipes tab. If you leave the checkmark next to "feeling lucky", then it will automatically add gadgets that relate to cooking. You decide on this one, just realize that gadgets are 1 click away (clicking the X in the corner of the gadget) from being deleted.

Once you have a tab, you simply click on the "Add Stuff" link to choose more gadgets. You can have several tabs within your iGoogle page. I recommend including the gadgets you use most frequently on your iGoogle homepage, the first tab. This has worked well for me!

It is easy to rename and edit your iGoogle tabs. Select a tab by clicking on it. Click on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the tab name. You have 3 choices: edit this tab, share this tab, delete this tab.
  • Edit this tab: This option allows you to rename your tab, share gadgets, add gadgets, change the language, change the theme and layout, and even make iGoogle mobile if you have the feature on your phone.
  • Share this tab: This allows you to share some or all of the gadgets found on this tab.
  • Delete this tab: Allows you delete the entire tab.