Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gmail's New Call Phone Feature

Well...Google has added another interesting feature to Gmail. It is the Call Phone feature. You may have seen a message pop up yesterday (Aug. 27th) about this option. It then actually appears over in the Chat area and simply says "Call Phone". If you are first time user, you may have to install the Voice and Video Chat download first.

Unfortunately the PC I was on at home does not have a built in microphone, so I hooked up my external Mic. Then...I gave it a try. I went ahead and called Noah on his dad's phone. Worked beautifully! Gotta love Google, as they are expected to be innovative and continue to make improvements to their tools.

Click here for the Call Phone info.

Click here for additional info relating to Call Phone option.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Google Enterprise

Many of the schools are switching over to Google for their Gmail, Calendar, Docs, & Sites. This summer, I've really enjoyed teaching a variety of Google Classes. I am also working on getting these developed for online courses. Let me know if you have any training needs...I'm a Google Nut!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Google Classes Being Offered!

I'm offering some fun and productive Google Classes during the 2010 Summer! These classes will be held at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Billings, MT. If you've joined workshops of mine will know that I believe in hands-on learning AND not to mention the need for good snacks and drinks while doing so! :-)
If you need at home learning, I am also doing an online "Writing and Technology" workshop! Go to the iTeach website for more info! Here you will learn about the cost and credit information.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poll Everywhere

I recently learned about a new Web 2.0 tool called Poll Everywhere. I'm planning on integrating it into one of my online started playing with it a bit! Teachers could actually have their students answer a question via text messaging with their cell phone. Instantly, a bar graph will appear to show the results. This could also be a great way to engage adult learners and high school students.

Could you help me test this out? Basically you will text a message to 99503. Then in the message, you will type the number that correlates with the response you want to choose. Please help me out by answering this question via your phone!