Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poll Everywhere

I recently learned about a new Web 2.0 tool called Poll Everywhere. I'm planning on integrating it into one of my online started playing with it a bit! Teachers could actually have their students answer a question via text messaging with their cell phone. Instantly, a bar graph will appear to show the results. This could also be a great way to engage adult learners and high school students.

Could you help me test this out? Basically you will text a message to 99503. Then in the message, you will type the number that correlates with the response you want to choose. Please help me out by answering this question via your phone!


Val's Techy Stuff said...


I've used this in PD. It's so fun and engaging! I had a little trouble in Susan's trailer and HTC 120 with some cell phone connections, but other places it has worked well. FYI, for those who do not text, it's a learning curve and they really want to do it, so you have to allow enough time to help them figure out their phones!

Becky Berg said...

Thanks for suggestions as they make perfectly good sense! Take care!